Photo of Ian Dilick

Ian Dilick

Founder of Eschaton

Too many papers on his desk

Spends too much time online

May be a living WiFi hotspot

Accidentally shocks himself too often

Currently ✨building something new✨ at Eschaton! Also vibing with @vikushavas and @bhwags at Internet Revolution, where we do lots of very serious business things and take ourselves extremely seriously, and simping for @chiefgayofficer's Couplet Coffee.

Previously at 👁👄👁.fm, where we raised $200k for charity in 48 hours, SafeStamp, solving the counterfeit drug crisis, and the Center for Medical Interoperability, writing standards for medical devices to share data.

I also previously studied Information Systems and Entrepreneurship at Loyola University Chicago. I dropped out after my freshman year to pursue Eschaton full-time.